Climate Positive Michigan is a project of the 501c3 Foundation for Regeneration. One of our values is transparency. We’re building a glass house so that we can grow trust and improve faster. This in turn enables us to increase our positive impact faster.


How We’re Financed

As a non-profit, our community supports our mission financially in two ways:

  1. Donations. Because we’re a 501c3 non-profit, we can receive standard donations.
  2. Purchasing carbon offsets. We sell verified climate outcomes as a fundraiser. Girl Scouts sell cookies as a fundraiser, keeping 60-70% of money raised for programs. We keep about 40% and reinvest that to grow, educating more households.

How We Track Carbon Offsets

First Climate Positive households and businesses measure how much carbon pollution they produce each month. Then they buy carbon offsets from us to neutralize these emissions. Finally, we retire those offsets in a public registry.



We fund our programs with donations and by selling verified climate outcomes as a fundraiser. So far, our members have deposited:

In order to purchase:


After our members make a deposit, we turn around and purchase carbon offsets on their behalf. So far we’ve purchased:


Once we purchase them, the next step is to retire them. This means they are taken out of circulation (and can’t be claimed by others). Retiring a carbon offset is like ripping up a coupon for a haircut. Once you rip it up, nobody else can use that coupon.

Of the tons we’ve purchased, these have been retired from circulation:

And we still need to purchase: